Therapy/Therapeutic modalities

I use Gestalt therapy, somatic experiencing and mindfulness.  I am also a level 2 trained Internal Family Systems therapist.  

 I do not come from the view point that people are broken, or that they fit into a one size fits all diagnosis. We are all different, with different stories; however, we also all have parts of us that have been hurt along the way. This, in turn, is why our system creates protective strategies & beliefs – to keep us from feeling those feelings, or being hurt again (ie. polishing off a bottle of wine in order to keep away the anxiety associated with another stressful day at work). My job is to help you get in touch with these parts so that we can help to release their pain.

Session options:

Office – a more traditional session where we sit on couches within the office

Skype or Zoom – Sometimes getting into an office is just too much on top of everything else. I am more than happy to meet you half way and have online sessions.

Walk and talk.