My Story

I decided to study psychology while working in a psychiatric hospital with children and adolescents. I was in my first year of undergraduate study, trying to figure out how to make a difference in the world. The children had often been abandoned by their parents, and society. This is where I got my first taste of what holding the space, and listening without judgement did to start healing the distrust and pain.

Several years later I was back in Australia, had my degree, and I had begun working with children with Autism. I realised that relating to the parents and children was much more rewarding, for me, than anything diagnostic that I was doing. I felt that a lot of the therapeutic work that I had been asked to do wasn’t actually HEALING anyone and I was completely drained at the end of each day. Thus began my search for a Master’s program where I could learn a more holistic approach.

Back to the US, and 3 more years of studying. This time the program was integrative, holistic and mindfulness inspired. I worked with adults with eating disorders, addictions, young mothers and an array of individuals living in poverty. I added in equine assisted psychotherapy to my training, and started to hone in on how to help people FEEL their feelings in order to come to a sense of peace.

I have learned that through being present with what arises in this moment, we can connect to whatever needs to be heard. We can all heal…given time, energy and the desire. My life experiences have shown this to be the case. We are incredible beings, capable of incredible things. Once we release the pain and unlock our potential, amazing things begin to unfold.